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Are Women Taking over the Technology Industry?

It's safe to say that the technology industry has been predominantly comprised of young men for the past few decades – but could this all be changing? Are women becoming more prominent in the industry?

These are the questions that will be answered throughout this article and hopefully by the end you'll have a much better understanding on the role of women in the technology industry and how everything is being affected.

Women Are Now Learning to Program

It's not surprise that children as young as seven years old are being taught to program at school and also being taught by parents, but there are many organizations and communities that target women specifically; there is definitely a minimal amount of women in the industry and people have noticed this and taken action.

There are many young girls that are being taught how to program and code their own apps and games and so hopefully we might see a bit more of a balance between males and females in the coming years.

Women and Graphic Design

In addition to programming and coding, there are also many women who are looking to get jobs in graphic design – many women already do have these jobs! Women are being recruited through art schools and other places that demonstrate their artistic ability as this translates nicely into graphic design.

It's definitely not one of the easiest jobs someone could hold in the industry and so naturally women get a lot of respect from their male counterparts when they hold this role – it's safe to say that there are many women who can do it a lot better than the men!

Other Popular Jobs for Women

Programming and graphic design aren't the only technology jobs for women – although these two jobs are the most popular.

Another common job for women to get into is either a secretary position or data entry. Both of these jobs in the right environment will allow the person to be involved in the industry without having a lot of experience and know-how. In short, these are entry-level jobs that many women take up in hopes to move up the ladder.

It would also be wise for women to take a look into many other jobs in the technology industry that aren't necessarily related to programming or graphic design – a job that is in a lot of demand recently is marketing and advertising. There are many big firms that are looking for these types of people year-round and a woman on the team will allow the members to look at the marketing style from a different perspective.

How This Change Might Affect the Industry

It goes without saying that having more women in the technology industry definitely will present some sort of change, but will this be positive or negative? Well, there are many different ways in which you could look at this – but there is a good chance that we'll see an increase in apps and programs that are more targeted towards women.

The vast majority of apps and programs that we see are mainly targeted towards the male gender and this is fine, but there is a huge market that is being neglected and marketers will probably take advantage of this by utilizing the influx of female interest in the technology sector. We need male leaders in the technology industry to step up and help foster programs that will encourage women technologists, such as Issa Asad has done. You can read more about his initiatives at his website: www.issaasad.org

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