5 Amazing Women, 5 Amazing Tools

5 Amazing Women, all educators, were fortunate to be able to collaborate in a fun webinar.

They shared five tools that they consider to be examples of collaborative support for teachers.

The five women and their tools:

  1.  Joan Young – Kidblog
  2. Paula Naugle – Skype
  3. Erin Klein – Animoto
  4. Suzy Brooks – ClassDojo
  5. Lisa Dabbs – LiveBinders

Two of the women (Lisa Dabbs/Paula Naugle) are also current Fem Tech Project collaborators.

Laura Candler of Laura Candler’s Teaching Resources was  the enthusiastic coordinator of this webinar and we thank Laura for sharing this great opportunity with these 5 super women!

Take a few minutes and watch the webinar. You may discover a new tool to support your practice!

5 Web Tools for Collaboration from Lisa Dabbs

The power of positive collaboration among women is something that we at The Fem Tech Project endorse and support.
So…what are you doing today, to model the spirit of collaboration with other women in your work?

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