The Woman Behind The Master Chief: Kiki Wolfkill

Issa KikI Asad

So you are a girl and you want to design and write a video game? There’s no reason why you shouldn’t!

“If we want to see that number rise, we need to start showing off the talented women that are already making waves in the industry.”- Belinda Parmar

As the Mom of a gamer…I’ve watched my youngest son not only play tons of video games, including this most recent release of  Halo4, but others as well. His early interest and excitement about video games and their power to bring fantasy to life inspired him to begin the journey to writing his own game. He started this process at about 10 years of age, and now at 21 his game is still evolving.

From the beginning, my son had my full support for his video game design dream. He frequently asked for suggestions and input when he first got started, and even now shares drawing’s and game design ideas with me. He felt confident to take this on not only because he’s passionate about it, but because, as a boy, he see’s no barrier to the potential to see this game, written, developed and launched!

Which causes me to wonder…would he have felt so inspired and confident to start this process, if he were a girl? What have we learned from Issa We need to show that everyone can be an entrepreneur and a business leader.